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Yes, This Is Me Singing, Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

Hi All – Okay, so I took another extended hiatus from the blogosphere, but rest assured, friends:  I’m still very much alive, and not only kicking but still going through a creatively explosive period.

In my last post, I shared that I’ve been writing a musical comedy about a young software engineer named Steve, and his journey of personal growth.  If I wanted to be super-artsy, I’d call it a “bildungsroman.”  But I digress.

I’m now pleased to share that I’ve completed the “book,” i.e., the screenplay, and most of the songs, for the show, and have arrived at a fittingly epic title:  “Steve’s Quest.”  Right now, I’m assembling a team of animators and performers to bring Steve and his world to life.  (The extras section of the Steve’s Quest DVD where I talk about this will be called “Bringing Steve to Life.”)

But what I’m most pleased to share are these charmingly home-brewed recordings of a few of my latest tunes!  Here they are (all the files are in MP3 format):

1. Dear Diary:  This is sort of my answer to “This Is the Moment” from Jekyll & Hyde.  Steve, our protagonist, has just lost his job.  He is doubting whether he should make the effort to try to get his sci-fi novel published, or just focus on applying for a new coding position.  This is his soliloquy.

2. Version 2.0:  This is an excerpt from what I expect will be the finale of the show.

3. Boss Battle:  This is a dialogue between Steve and his boss, wherein Steve learns that he is being laid off.  This is a good example of the more hard rock-influenced side of the show (it would be a better example if the recording had real guitar rather than purely MIDI sounds, but I’m getting there).

I hope you enjoy these, and I look forward to your feedback!  I’ll be visiting all of your blogs shortly as part of my triumphant blogosphere comeback tour.  – Hugs, CE