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New Steve’s Quest Music Video

I’m excited to share with you a video we shot of me and Robin Yukiko, who plays Sabrina in Steve’s Quest, performing “Right in Front of You,” which is the song I’m most proud of in the series.  Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image

Recording and shooting this was a literally cross-continental production.  We recorded Robin’s vocals in what was basically a guy’s basement in State College, Pennsylvania (though it was a very well-equipped basement), near where she lives, and then I went back home and did my vocals at The Annex in San Mateo, California.  This has been a bi-coastal project from the beginning, which works fine for me because I have a lot of relatives and friends on the East Coast of the U.S.

The stripped-down, in-studio style of the video was inspired by all of those videos on showing the original casts of shows recording their vocals.  For a long time, I thought “I’ll know I’ve made it once I have a in-studio video,” and now I guess I have the next best thing!

I hope you enjoy the song and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Steve’s Quest Episode 2 is Here!

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes and ears upon another sumptuous Steve’s Quest episode!

YouTube Preview Image

I know it took a long time for us to release this one, and I hope the suspense wasn’t too nail-bitingly intense — we went through some personnel changes on our animation team, and this is still quite the learning experience for me.  But I think you’ll enjoy the finished product — it features some very talented folks, including singer-songwriter (and former leader of my songwriting class) Robin Yukiko and my longtime (i.e., like 30 years) collaborator Tim Edgar.

This has been a wild ride so far — Steve’s Quest Episode 1 has now been screened at eleven film festivals, and won four “best animated short” awards, despite being a webseries and thus not the kind of thing film festivals usually take to.  More importantly, working on this project has convinced me that, if I have a strong enough desire to do a project, no matter how daunting it looks or crazy it sounds, it can happen!

If you enjoy the video, which I’m pretty confident you will, I’d appreciate it if you’d hit the “Like” button under the video on YouTube — every bit of social media sustenance counts!  More content is coming soon — we’re putting the finishing touches on a music video for a song from a later episode that shows the actors performing in the studio, “” style.

Video for My Song “Howl at the Moon”

YouTube Preview Image

The video for the first single from my four-song EP, “Howl at the Moon,” is now live (and posted above)!

This project has been several months in the making, and I’m enthused that it’s finally done.  The director and I decided to shoot the video in a classic ’80s hard rock style, with dramatic bits intercut with shots of the band playing, and I think we achieved the look we were going for (and hopefully Motley Crue and Skid Row fans will agree).

This was my first time being in a music video, and it was definitely an eye-opening experience.  The lion’s share of the shoot, in the part I was featured in, was spent trying to get the camera angles right, and to make sure the right amount of steam filled the room (there were dry ice machines on the set that were misting about every 10 seconds).  As you will see, there are a lot of closeup shots of me singing, and the biggest challenge for me was trying not to move my head out of the frame while still performing with my usual manic intensity.

It was a bit overwhelming to see so many people (including the cast and crew) gather together to work on my project.  Of course, I found myself having the usual doubts — “am I actually important enough for all of these people to be working on my video?” and so on.

I think the best perspective to take on something like this, in order to get beyond the hangups about “being important” and so on, is that it’s really just a bunch of people getting together to have fun — which, for the most part, is what we did.

I hope you enjoy the video, and I look forward to hearing what you think!

My New Soundtrack Piece

A few weeks ago, I composed the music for a promotional video (embedded below) for a foundation called Breakthrough Silicon Valley.  It was definitely exciting, because I’ve wanted to do this type of work for a long time.  Ideally, this sort of project will help me find other opportunities to do music for film and television.

The most challenging part of this project was that the tempo (speed) changes that happen in the music needed to be precisely synced to particular moments in the video.  You may notice this at the end, for example, when the final piano note plays at the same time that the Breakthrough logo appears.  But I do think the detail work we put into the video was worth it.

I hope you enjoy it — I’ve definitely got more musical stuff in the pipeline.

YouTube Preview Image

Steve’s Quest Episode 2 Screenshots

Well, it’s taken longer than we expected (as I guess it always does), but Episode 2 of Steve’s Quest is almost ready to go live!  To give you a taste of the graphical goodness to expect, I’ll post below some screenshots from the episode — which, by the way, features even more over-the-top animation and music than our first offering.

Also, for those of you who didn’t see the post on Facebook, I’m pleased to announce that Episode 1 of Steve’s Quest has been selected to be screened at Gen Con, which is the U.S.’s largest gaming convention, in August.  I actually went there last year, but I didn’t realize that it had its own film festival until I started doing festival submissions.

This year, my friends and I get to go for free, which is quite a thrill for me, since I’ve known, and been rabidly gaming with, the same friends for more than 25 years.  I may also be speaking on a panel or two regarding indie filmmaking, and I’ll try to post a video of the panels if I end up participating in them.

SQ episode 2

Sabrina (Steve’s love interest), her coworker Rona, and the sinister presence known only as The Boss.

SQ episode 2b

A closeup of Sabrina.  The artists convinced me that she should not have a nose, because it gives her a more streamlined look.

SQ episode 2c

Steve smiling as he asks Rona to come to his party, but a bundle of nerves on the inside.

SQ episode 2d

Just in case you doubted that The Boss was a sinister presence.

Hope you enjoyed these!


Savory Screenshots From My Upcoming Video

Blog post photo6

Two weeks ago, I had a blast shooting a music video for “Howl at the Moon,” which is the first track from the album I recently released.  My favorite part was that my brother Tim came up from LA to appear in the video (he also played guitar on the song), and I got to shoot the breeze with him and the rest of the band during the inevitable long breaks between takes.

The video is being edited right now, and I’m anxious to share it with you.  For now, I’ll show you some screen captures from the footage we got.  The intensity you see on my face, for better or worse, isn’t an act — I get pretty maniacal when I’m in performance mode.

Blog post photo1

My fingers can get fairly maniacal too when I’m playing piano.

Blog post photo4

The full band (at least, for the purposes of the video) — Tim is on the right.  Justin Vanegas, who also appears in Steve’s Quest, is on bass.

Blog post photo3

Anjelica Zanipatin-Solis, who plays a widow in the dramatic scenes that are intercut with the shots of the band (yes, there are actors in the video too — I went all Cecil B. DeMille on this one!)

Blog post photo2

This shot showcases the dry ice that filled the room while we were on the sound stage — it gave the lighting a murky, mysterious quality.

Blog post photo7

Aleksandra, the makeup artist from the shoot, in a cameo role as the widow’s document-carrying officemate.

Blog post photo5

That isn’t a black screen (or a green screen) in the background — it was just really dark.

I hope these were fun — looking forward to showing you the video!

Steve’s Quest In The News

Festival collage

I’m pleased to announce that Episode 1 of Steve’s Quest: The Musical just won an “Award of Excellence” from the Best Shorts competition.  The competition has included some pretty amazing work, including a short film (“Mr. Hublot“) that won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.  Obviously this means we will also win an Oscar and it’s just a matter of time.

Also, Episode 1 has just been selected by two film festivals, the Blue Plum Animation Festival in Johnson City, Tennessee and the Studio City Film Festival in Los Angeles.  I live in California, so I’ll definitely be going to Studio City, and I’ll visit the Blue Plum festival as well if it means I’ll finally get the opportunity to meet my animators (who live in Georgia) in person.

It’s hard to believe that, about a year ago, I was doubting whether we would ever find a way to finish Episode 1, and I was already making preparations to follow my Plan B, which was to do a show about magical puppets who live in a sewer (but I will eventually make that one too — you mark my words)!

Looking forward to sharing Episode 2 with you, which will be live soon!

Interview on the Secret Origins of Steve’s Quest


I was honored to be interviewed by Kimberly Lew over at Emerging Musical Theatre, which is a blog that covers some amazing, contemporary composers and shows.  We talked about the origins of Steve’s Quest, the Comic-Con panel the cast and crew will almost certainly, eventually, do, the reasons I decided to play the title role, and the proverbial “much, much more!”  Enjoy.

How To Make a “Location-Independent” Webseries


One thing you may not know about Steve’s Quest: The Musical, the animated musical webseries I wrote and directed (which is now live!), is that the cast and crew of the show are “bicoastal,” meaning they are located on both the East and West Coasts of the U.S.  The upside of this arrangement was that I got to work with exactly the people I wanted, but of course working with people mainly over e-mail and file sharing came with a unique set of challenges.

In this piece over at The Snobby Robot, I talk about how we’ve worked through the challenges that came with being on opposite sides of the country, and what I’ve learned from the process.  Enjoy!

Steve’s Quest Episode 1 is Live!

The wait is finally over — Episode 1 of Steve’s Quest, the animated musical webseries I wrote and directed, has hit the interwebs!  Here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

YouTube Preview Image

As you’ll see, it’s an eclectic and spicy blend of hard rock, science fiction, computer games and software engineering (yeah, basically a mixture of things I like).

If you enjoy it, and I’m pretty confident you will, please take a moment to hit the “Like” button on the YouTube video — that will help the show, and the hyper-talented team, get the attention they deserve.  If you would like to share it with people in other ways as well, please do!

Here’s a fun fact:  as far as I can tell, this is the first animated musical web series ever.  Yeah, I mean the first one in the world, and potentially in the universe. It’s daunting but exciting to be creating a new art form, or at least a bizarre hybrid of old art forms.

This show is the culmination of more than two years of work on the writing, storyboarding, animation, casting, and vocal and audio recording — not just by me, but by the nearly twenty people who have contributed their talents to the project.  Not surprisingly, it’s hard to express how pleased I am to see it come to life.

Looking forward to hearing what you think. Episode 2 is already well on its way!