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Yes, This Is Me Singing, Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

Hi All – Okay, so I took another extended hiatus from the blogosphere, but rest assured, friends:  I’m still very much alive, and not only kicking but still going through a creatively explosive period.

In my last post, I shared that I’ve been writing a musical comedy about a young software engineer named Steve, and his journey of personal growth.  If I wanted to be super-artsy, I’d call it a “bildungsroman.”  But I digress.

I’m now pleased to share that I’ve completed the “book,” i.e., the screenplay, and most of the songs, for the show, and have arrived at a fittingly epic title:  “Steve’s Quest.”  Right now, I’m assembling a team of animators and performers to bring Steve and his world to life.  (The extras section of the Steve’s Quest DVD where I talk about this will be called “Bringing Steve to Life.”)

But what I’m most pleased to share are these charmingly home-brewed recordings of a few of my latest tunes!  Here they are (all the files are in MP3 format):

1. Dear Diary:  This is sort of my answer to “This Is the Moment” from Jekyll & Hyde.  Steve, our protagonist, has just lost his job.  He is doubting whether he should make the effort to try to get his sci-fi novel published, or just focus on applying for a new coding position.  This is his soliloquy.

2. Version 2.0:  This is an excerpt from what I expect will be the finale of the show.

3. Boss Battle:  This is a dialogue between Steve and his boss, wherein Steve learns that he is being laid off.  This is a good example of the more hard rock-influenced side of the show (it would be a better example if the recording had real guitar rather than purely MIDI sounds, but I’m getting there).

I hope you enjoy these, and I look forward to your feedback!  I’ll be visiting all of your blogs shortly as part of my triumphant blogosphere comeback tour.  – Hugs, CE

8 thoughts on
Yes, This Is Me Singing, Part Two: Electric Boogaloo

  1. Patricia

    Yes, I can tell that your creativity is on fire and to have the book/script completed too – Wow…Worth waiting for….I liked the new excerpts that you shared …Boss Battle seems to need a bit more for me….or it is a transition piece in the play? a Bridge?

    Dear Diary is just great and I liked it just as it…

    IT Girl is a great animator and lives in San Fran? Need her help? Also loves music and plays in a bell choir with San Francisco State U… Now that she is done with school I think she could use a few more folks in her life and activities? Just a thought
    Thank you for sharing…will come back and listen again

  2. Evan

    Hi Chris, you are certainly getting on with it, congratulations (I’m sure you have lots of other demands on your time).

    It does sound Broadway – which I guess is what you are aiming for. I loved the ‘thy’ in ‘thy page’ in Dear Diary.

    Excellent that a team is coming together.

    PS can you have a bildungsroman post-adolescence?

  3. Sara

    Chris — I love that you are making this into an animated film. In my mind, I can see this story unfolding. I feel your joy in what you’re doing. Amazing to think you were on a plane and this started to grow. I’m pleased you gave this idea it’s wings:~)

    Regarding the songs, I liked all them. I struggled a bit with the Boss song. I found it kind of confusing, but that might be because only one voice is used.

    This is so cool and its wonderful to read your delight and excitement. Keep going and do keep us posted when you can!

  4. Chris - Post author

    Hi Patricia — thanks for the feedback and I’m glad you’re enjoying the tunes. “Boss Battle” needs another verse and potentially a bridge — right now what I have is just an excerpt from the song, and I plan to expand on what I’ve got.

  5. Chris - Post author

    Hi Evan — yes, in a number of the tunes I’m going for a Broadway-style sound in somewhat of a tongue-in-cheek way, and in others the heavy metal influence is a little more apparent. Whether a person can have a “bildungsroman” after adolescence, I think, is a very relevant question for a lot of modern cultures, as the agreed-upon “age of maturity” keeps getting less and less clear.

  6. Chris - Post author

    Hi Sara — I’m glad you’re enjoying the songs — you’re right, Boss Battle is intended to be sung by two different people, Steve and The Boss, and the fact that I perform both parts here probably does make it a bit confusing.

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