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Blogs For Com-men-’try


“I wanna see it yeah, heh . . . . . BLOGS!  Blogs for com – men – ‘try!”

(To the tune of “Flesh For Fantasy”)

“Blogs For Com-men-try” is the tongue-in-cheek Billy Idol-derived name of the Google Doc listing some blogs I regularly comment on.  In the interest of “radical Web 3.0 social media nakedness” or whatever the trendy term is, I’ll share a small part of that list with you to promote and honor some people I’m proud to be blogging buddies with.

In the interest of keeping this post shorter than War And Peace, this list will necessarily be incomplete — if you aren’t on the list, you’ll almost certainly make it into my next round of link love.  Let’s begin, as we must, at the beginning:

Albert, amateur boxer and professional (or at least professional-quality) blogger, needs no introduction.  Head abbot of a virtual urban monastery comprising some 6,000 virtual monks, The Urban Monk seamlessly merges the psychological insight of the West with the spiritual wisdom of the East.

Davina Haisell, writer and intrepid wilderness adventurer from the Great White North, writes with disarming honesty and clarity about her experiences.  I hope I won’t embarrass her too seriously by pointing out her poetry, which is one of my favorite parts of her blog.

Evan Hadkins is a blogger, hailing from Down Under, on health, spirituality, psychology, philosophy and a host of other topics.  I think Evan is a unique combination, in that he’s a genuinely learned guy who writes from the heart, and I think nearly anyone who checks out his site will get some value from it.

Evelyn Lim, it seems to me, definitely “walks her talk” when it comes to spiritual practice.  She’s followed her intuitive guidance in changing careers, designing her online business, and revamping her blog title, and her posts help readers listen to their own inner voices.  She also has irresistibly adorable daughters.

Evita Ochel positively radiates warmth, kindness and enthusiasm about what she’s doing in the world.  The site I just linked to is but one part of her blogging oeuvre as we say en francais, ”Evolving Beings” — there’s also Evolving Wellness and Evolving Scenes.  She’s just doing too much evolving for the rest of us primates to keep up with!  :)

Wherever to begin in discussing the captivating conundrum of Jannie Funster?  For starters, she takes photos of the holes in donuts, her part-time gravatar is a blue bunny set against what appears to be an Obama campaign t-shirt-style background (I know Blue Bunny definitely gives me Hope), and she is the world’s first Canadian from Texas.  And she has truly been a Hanna-Barbera-style Superfriend to me!

Karl Staib is another blogger down in Texas (clap clap clap clap clap).  Karl writes about bringing humanity back to the corporate workplace, where I think it’s sorely needed.  I also like his dry sense of humor, which is showcased in his videos.

Mark a.k.a. tobeme a.k.a. The Naked Soul writes heartfelt and insightful posts about his journey of self-discovery.  This is neither here nor there, but I was just reading Mark’s post called “Knocking On God’s Door,” and I was like “is he going to refer to the Guns N’ Roses version of Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door?  Naaah, why would he do that?”  And then he goes and puts the video right at the end of the post!  Rock!

One fateful day, mild-mannered Megan Bord stumbled upon the secret to existence — that life is meant to be enjoyed — and thus went the secret origin of the superheroine known only JoyGirl!  Suffice it to say that JoyGirl is to blogging what The Joy of Cooking is to cooking.

Michelle‘s site has been repeatedly responsible for distracting me with hunger pangs during my workday.  She takes close-up pictures (and provides recipes) of various vegetarian victuals so tempting it’s all I can do to keep from jumping up and jogging to Whole Foods.

The title of Patricia’s site, Patricia’s Wisdom, is certainly appropriate — Patricia is definitely wise – and she imparts her wisdom in an earthy and unpretentious way, grounded in her personal experiences.  I particularly like the stream-of-consciousness-style posts she does sometimes, like this one, where she gives us her raw, in-the-moment experience of living.

Sara Healy is not only a superlative photographer, but she also regularly puts up her photos on her site and gives away stuff (or at least encouragement) to people who make up cool stories about them.  And if you just want to show up and make silly comments without participating in the contests, like I do, she’s okay with that too.

Stacey Shipman is a yoga teacher, multifaceted entrepreneur and, as I once said, “wellness warrior” from Boston.  Stacey has done some posts recently about stretches you can do from your desk — no yoga mats or pretzel-shaped poses required — that I’ve appreciated.

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Blogs For Com-men-’try

  1. Karl Staib - Work Happy Now

    Hi Chris, I love seeing my name on other people’s blogs. Shows me I’m doing good work. I’m actually taking my blog in a new direction. I’ve been listening to my heart and I need to help individuals bring out their passions. We have too many people wasting away in careers that don’t excite them. They need work that will make them so freaking happy that they thank their lucky stars that they are alive.

  2. Hilary

    Hi Chris .. it’s always good to read succinct reviews of peoples’ blogs .. and get an insight into their work .. and the amazing range of ideas everyone has .. their fun and lightness, as well as serious aspects to their work .. they are all fun blogs to be read and be a part of – thanks for letting us know your appreciation of them ..

    Have a great weekend – Hilary

  3. Jannie Funster

    Ahhhh, Chris, BB and I are both tickled blue, and now pink in the cheeks at your kind mention.

    Have I told YOU lately you are one of my favorite bloggers!? Your visits to Funsterland are always a sunshiney (and mostly musical) treat for my eyes and heart.

    I think you are a swell swell guy, and I’m lucky to know you!


  4. Sara

    Chris — I am so flattered to be a part of your link love list!!!!What I also loved about this list is how many people I know on your list and also love to read their posts:~) We live in a very good blog neighborhood and I am so pleased that you are a part of it.

    Every time I visit your site, I automatically take a deep breath — you’ve trained me well:~) I have learned so much from your wise words about slowing down and learning to enjoy my work.

    Thanks for being YOU:~)

  5. Robin Easton

    Dear Chirs. I laughed out loud over your preface to this list. It is FANTASTIC!!! And then the list is also fabulous, as I too know many of these bloggers. They are great!

    This looks like a fun project and something I’d like to try, but I dare say that mine would certainly be a “War and Peace”!!! I would have no idea where to start or stop, especially the “stop” part. You know how verbose I am. :) :)

    I love these lines that you wrote: “In the interest of keeping this post shorter than War And Peace, this list will necessarily be incomplete — if you aren’t on the list, you’ll almost certainly make it into my next round of link love. Let’s begin, as we must, at the beginning…”

    You have a natural wit and humor that is very endearing!! One that I think would allow you say just about anything and people would still love you!! LOLOL!! :) Hugs, Robin

  6. Davina

    Hi Chris.
    I see I’m in very good company! Thanks for the mention — appreciated. *smiles* I love your introduction/bio of the bloggers on your list. Great job. Lol… me from the Great White North. Shall I build an igloo next winter and post a photo? IF Vancouver gets enough snow, that is. Shame for the Olympics this past spring.

  7. Stacey Shipman

    Chris – Wow! Thank you so much for including me in this list. It’s an honor. I appreciate your work so much, I feel we believe in similar things. I love it “Wellness warrior” NICE! Much health and wellness to you…and many many thanks!

    It is nice to be in such great company.

  8. Chris - Post author

    @ Jannie — It’s always been my heartfelt goal to fill people’s hearts with gladness and take away all their sadness, and it’s great to hear I’m succeeding at least in one case. :) You never fail to bring me a bright sunshiney day as well.

    @ Michelle — That’s wonderful to hear because I just moved to a place right next to Trader Joe’s, and now I’ll have some guidance on what to buy. :)

    @ Sara — Thanks, I definitely felt warm and snuggly reading your comment. I certainly want you to keep breathing and I’m glad I can help with that! :)

    @ Robin — I think the verbosity only results from the massive amount of love you have to give to the world. And it’s also given us the gift of your book, which is coming soon from HCI, I believe?

    @ Davina — I’d actually prefer to see a photo of you hanging out in one of those massive flocks, or pods, or whatever the term is, of penguins. But by all means, don’t let me discourage you from building that igloo.

    @ Stacey — yes, I also get the sense that we have similar goals — that perhaps we’re both trying to introduce spiritual practices to a more “mainstream” audience.

  9. Mark

    Great list, many of the links I know, some I don’t and I look forward to exploring. Thanks for sharing and thank-you for including my on this list. I am humbled and honored.

  10. Evelyn Lim

    Dear Chris, thank you for the link love. Your note about me made me blush! Did I really do all that? Oh gosh! Thanks too for your lovely comment about my daughters!!

    Have an awesome weekend,

  11. Chris - Post author

    Hi Evelyn — to thiiiiink . . . you did all that . . . and may I say, not in a shy way . . . . Okay, only Jannie will probably get that reference. I hope you have an awesome weekend too, although I think it’s already Monday where you are!

  12. Evita

    Hi Chris

    Oh my goodness, what a beautiful ode to some of the people who have touched your life in some way, and what an honor to find myself on that list. You definitely gave me a good giggle, but more than that I was pleasantly taken aback by your humbling words.

    I second so much of what you said too about some of the bloggers I know, and too have the pleasure of being inspired and enchanted by their work. I also look forward to checking out some of the new people that I got introduced to thanks to this article from you.

    And Chris, it is truly an honor to know you and I want you also to know that what you share, and the energy that radiates from the being you are is nothing short of a great gift in my life. Thank you and Namaste :)

  13. Chris - Post author

    Hi Evita — mmm, thanks, it’s an honor to know you as well, and a gift is definitely what I aspire to be. I hoped to offer lots of admiration and also humor through this post and I’m glad to know I got the mixture right at least for one reader.

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