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Interview With Marelisa Fabrega, Author of “How To Be More Creative”


I’m pleased to share my interview with Marelisa Fabrega, the author of “How To Be More Creative: A Handbook for Alchemists.”  Marelisa, whom I’m sure many of you know already, is an attorney and blogger living in Panama.  Her book is brimming with perspectives and techniques for stimulating your creative instincts.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

* How meditation can inspire your creativity;

* Why improving your creativity can benefit you, no matter how routine or mundane the task you’re doing might be;

* How writing down your nagging, repetitive thoughts can put them out of your mind;

* Why thinking about random words as you tackle a problem can help you come up with new ways to solve it;

* How setting a clear intention is a powerful tool for generating ideas;

* Why believing you’re a creative person (or not believing it) can be a self-fulfilling prophecy;

* And more . . .

Download the Interview (MP3 file; 19 mins.; right-click and select “Save As”)

8 thoughts on
Interview With Marelisa Fabrega, Author of “How To Be More Creative”

  1. Chris Edgar - Post author

    Thanks Jocelyn — I like that perspective. Like Marelisa says in the interview, I think, just letting yourself be open to ideas, as opposed to demanding that they show up, is the best way to get them to flow.

  2. Lance

    Hi Chris and Mare,

    I love the interview. I’ve been reading Mare’s site for many months. And so I’ve read a lot about creativity because of this (thanks Mare!).

    The idea of trial and error – good point! Try things and find what works for us individually – this is such a great point – and one I tend to forget.

    Meditation is something I’ve done – although not on any sort of regular basis (it’s time!). Something similar that has worked for me is when I get out and go biking in the early morning hours – no one is around – and I’m out in and amongst nature – it works well for me to reach a meditative state – really being a great way to start my day.

    And…I’m going to spend some time trying out the idea box – this sounds good!

    Chris – thanks for doing this interview, it’s great to “hear”.

    And Mare – always great to learn from you. Wonderful!!

  3. Chris Edgar - Post author

    Hi Lance — I’m glad you enjoyed the interview. I’ve experienced sports and physical labor as meditative as well — sitting down and closing my eyes isn’t always necessary — but in moments when my mind is particularly noisy, stopping everything I’m doing, letting go of all my goals and desires, and sitting alone for a while is definitely a helpful tool.

  4. Marelisa

    Hi Lance: I also feel I reach a meditative state when I’m jogging; I’m always in a better mood after jogging than I was before jogging (even if I was in a good mood to start with) :-) I’m glad you enjoyed the interview Lance.

    Hi Chris: Thank you for interviewing me, I enjoyed it very much :-)

  5. Robin

    Hi Chris – I LOVED hearing Marelisa being interviewed! I really like the way she says that creativity is something to use in all aspects of life – as she mentions, it’s not just for the arts. And it is great that she aims to inspire people to take action – to the point of putting the book down and getting on with it! Thanks Chris – Robin

  6. Chris Edgar - Post author

    Hi Robin — I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview. I know I was inspired to go out and keep creating in the real world after talking with Mare.

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