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Interview With Entrepreneurship Coach John Van Dinther

I’m pleased to welcome back entrepreneurship coach John Van Dinther of 2Hats Consulting (who hosted my earlier teleseminar) to talk about the direction, productivity and marketing issues entrepreneurs commonly face, and some exercises he uses to help his clients deal with those concerns.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

* How John’s unique “online vision board” approach can help you solidify your direction in your business and other areas of your life

* How using pictures of the process of your work, not just the end product, in your online vision board can help with your motivation

* How keeping in mind “the big picture” of why you’re doing what you’re doing can empower you through tasks you normally see as mundane or boring

* How to “anchor” your vision for your business deep in your body, so you can access your inspiration at any time

* How treating yourself with compassion can benefit your productivity

* Why getting comfortable with being alone in silence is so important for the solo entrepreneur

* How to make peace with those negative inner voices telling you that you won’t succeed

* Why it’s key to focus on the benefit you’re providing clients, not the services you provide, in your marketing approach

Download the Interview (MP3 file; 25 mins.; right-click and select “Save As” to download)

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Interview With Entrepreneurship Coach John Van Dinther

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